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Laurine Fillo, 55, diagnosed in 2003

  • On September 16, 2021
The Calgary Parkinson Research Initiative [now linked to the Canadian Open Parkinson Network] was well organized and comprised of two site visits of 3 hours each. The research coordinators were well prepared and this made participation enjoyable. I consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to advance research in Parkinson’s disease. Get involved… What are […]
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Linda Bérard, diagnosed in 2013

  • On September 16, 2021
It was early in the summer of 2013, at the age of 44, that we received the shocking news that I had Parkinson’s disease. And it was shocking. A total Knock Out … .3,2,1 out! Our life was turned upside down, and we sought to better understand this insidious disease that invades me. When Dr. […]
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Eldean Kathol, 84, diagnosed 30 years ago

  • On September 16, 2021
The Parkinson’s research registry is important and should be recognized. It not only records data, but also gives out information that can guide future research. I enjoy working with the researchers and being part of a larger community of volunteer participants. I want to pay back prior study participants, who helped research that I benefit […]
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