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Mission and Objective

The mission of the Canadian Open Parkinson Network (C-OPN) is to unite and mainstream research efforts to more efficiently find ways to treat Parkinson’s disease. Our objective is to support large-scale, national research network that will dramatically enhance our capacity to uncover the answers and deliver the personalized treatments and services that improve lives.

To do this, C-OPN provides the platform where the stakeholders join forces so that:

  • People with Parkinson’s disease across Canada can support and take part in research
  • Researchers and clinicians across Canada and beyond collaborate and work on solving the unanswered questions about Parkinson’s disease and related disorders
  • Community supporters can invest to accelerate Parkinson’s disease research


The C-OPN Retreat, May 2023 in Montreal included C-OPN administration, site staff, clinicians, researchers, provincial representatives, and funding partners.

Director’s Message

It is with great pleasure and deep commitment that I am taking on the leadership of the Canadian Open Parkinson Network (C-OPN) together with Dr. Edward Fon who acts as co-director. I am happy and honoured to spearhead this cutting-edge and meaningful initiative.

The C-OPN will facilitate rapid sharing of data and samples with Canadian and international investigators and industry partners. Canada is leading the world with several new large-scale initiatives for data sharing in neuroscience, Open Science, and artificial intelligence. This network will harness these efforts in order to promote multidisciplinary collaborations among Parkinson’s researchers in Canada; it enables large-scale projects, not possible at a single centre.

In addition, trainees will have access to an unprecedented registry and database in Canada as well as more opportunities for collaborations and exchanges.

Through these measures, C-OPN will drive more efficient research, accelerate our understanding of the diverse nature of Parkinson’s, and lead to novel treatments for those living with the disease. It will also allow Canada to take a leadership position in Parkinson’s research.

I reach out to you and the broad community in the hope that C-OPN will contribute to win the fight against Parkinson’s disease.

Oury Monchi, PhD
Director, Canadian Open Parkinson Network

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