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A pan-Canada initiative bridging people, data, and resources to accelerate Parkinson’s disease discoveries

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C-OPN includes 11 major Movement Disorders programs in Canada across 5 provinces

Our Goal

Is to efficiently support Parkinson’s research to ultimately improve the lives of those living with the disease. These big discoveries aren’t possible in any single lab or clinic anywhere in the world. That’s why Parkinson Canada and Brain Canada have partnered with expert clinicians and researchers across the country to create the Canadian Open Parkinson Network. This is a large-scale, national research network that will dramatically enhance our capacity to uncover the answers and with the goal to deliver the personalized treatments and services that improve lives.


Ten of Canada’s top universities and movement disorders research centres from British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec have committed to building the Canadian Open Parkinson Network. The Network collects de-identified clinical data with comprehensive information about each participant’s family history, lifestyle, and environment, along with details of their Parkinson’s symptoms and medications; test results, including cognitive and motor information; and a biobank with biomaterials extracted from blood samples, including DNA.

Canadian Open Parkinson Network

A platform whereby participants living with Parkinson’s disease and related disorders are connected with scientists across Canada to participate in research studies and trials.

A comprehensive database that will accelerate knowledge, improve the understanding of this multifaceted disease, and facilitate large-scale projects and trials with a variety of techniques and analysis methods with high statistical power.

Funding Partners

This project has been made possible by Parkinson Canada and Brain Canada through the Canada Brain Research Fund, with the financial support of Health Canada.


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