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A pan-Canada initiative bridging people, data, and resources to accelerate Parkinson’s disease discoveries

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C-OPN includes 8 major Movement Disorders programs in Canada across 4 provinces


The Canadian Open Parkinson Network is led by an executive committee composed of Dr. Oury Monchi (director and Alberta lead), Dr. Edward Fon (co-director and Quebec lead), Dr. Jon Stoessl (British Columbia lead), and Dr. Antonio Strafella (Ontario lead).


The Canadian Open Parkinson Network is composed of three main research infrastructures.

Led by Dr. Camicioli, Dr. Dupré, Dr. Grimes, Dr. Lafontaine, Dr. Mestre, Dr. Martino, Dr. McKeown, Dr. Miyasaki, Dr. Panisset, and Dr. Strafella. A unified national registry to facilitate collaborations between researchers and participants on large-scale projects and clinical trials across Canada.

Led by Dr. Camicioli, Dr. Evans, and Dr. McKeown. A large database containing demographic, medical, and cognitive information from participants over time to enable researchers to support cutting edge scientific investigations. This will also include imaging and second-generation wearable device data.

Led by Dr. Gan-Or, Dr. Park, Dr. Rouleau, and Dr. Schlossmacher. A research bank of biological specimens (example: blood) from participants that can be used for a variety of analyses (including genetics) by the Canadian scientific community and beyond.

Canadian Open Parkinson Network

A platform whereby participants living with Parkinson’s disease and related disorders are connected with scientists across Canada to participate in research studies and trials.

A comprehensive database that will accelerate knowledge, improve the understanding of this multifaceted disease, and facilitate large-scale projects and trials with a variety of techniques and analysis methods with high statistical power.

Founding Partners

This project has been made possible by Parkinson Canada and Brain Canada through the Canada Brain Research Fund, with the financial support of Health Canada.


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